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With the ever evolving and increasing figures of Coronavirus Covid19 and recommendations from our government experts, we have to do what’s responsible for the surrounding business community, our members and their families... With the announcement last night of 20 more cases and a government stating that “people are not taking social distancing seriously enough”, we have temporarily closed, as this message from our government is very serious and has to be listened too. With all current measures that we have applied and protocols that we put in place, we can not act against current expert recommendations. The local business's are important to us and some have asked workers to remote work from home and to follow strict guidelines relating to social distancing. We fully understand our business partners requests to their employees and have decided to remove gym facilities as from Saturday 14th March at 12 noon for a minimum of 2 weeks. It is the right and responsible action to take. Our priority is the safety of members, our business partners and the wider community. Stay safe, be responsible and if we act now we will have a chance to beat the spread of this virus. We have sent out text messages to members and an email will follow. For all updates please see our social media channels. All memberships are frozen until we reopen. For any further information please contact Regards, Team All Core


Every single interaction is a training opportunity. Train with the best, to be your best. GymTown will challenge you to achieve your goals. Be prepared for when it matters. Move well, train Well and play well. “To be number one, you have to train like your number two.

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